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Sydney Allard Trophy 2017 Final Standings

Unlike the regular championships, qualifying positions and fastest laps count towards the Sydney Allard. A poor qualification or poor first race can be overcome, provided the driver can make it through the field to the front of the next race. Because its very close points wise, a single DNF or non start is likely to knock someone out of the top ten altogether. There will be no "dropped scores".

Below standings after 16 races of all three championship: Quaife Modified Saloons, Scrapco Avon Intermarque and Quaife Cannons Tin Tops.

NB A driver scores separately in each category (not combined).

PosDriverChampionship Points
1. Rod Birley QMS 155
2. Malcolm Blackman Intermarque 149
3. Daniel Fisher TinTops 141
4. JJ Ross TinTops 124
5. Lewis Smith Intermarque 120
= Mikey Day TinTops 120
7. Paul Adams QMS 113
8. Sean Fairweather QMS 112
9. Rod Birley TinTops 103
10. Bob Hosier TinTops 97
11. Steve Everson TinTops 91
12. Tony Skelton QMS 83
13. Rik Garner QMS 76
14. Andy Banham QMS 75
15. Dave Charlton QMS 65

Next Race Meeting:

Modified Saloon Car, TinTop and Intermarque

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Last Race Results

Modified Saloon Car:

1. Alex Sidwell
2. Rod Birley
3. Malcolm Wise
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1. Daniel Fisher
2. Bradley Lane
3. Adrian Matthews
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1. Lewis Smith
2. Ray Harris
3. Richard Smith
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2018 Championship Leaders:

BARC SEC Modified Saloon Car:

Rod Birley
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Rikki Taylor
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Scrapco / Avon Intermarque:

Malcolm Blackman
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