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Meeting Report - Snetterton 12/13 July 2014

By Shawn Herrington

The Quaife intermarques came to Snetterton with a degree of trepidation. This was due to the two long straights which might have affected reliability. However, in race one every car finished which was very good news.

Intermarque With Chris Brockhurst having to change a gearbox after qualifying, Matt Simpson made his escape from pole position, as Chris moved up from a lowly grid position. Simpson pulled away from Blackman, until Brockhurst edged through to second on lap six. As Brooks spun at Murrays, so Blackman began to slip back. Lewis Smith nipped past at Riches, to take the final spot on the podium. Simon Smith had a fairly lonely run in fifth, with Ross Loram recovering from a bad first lap climbing back from tenth to sixth. Mike Thurley won the senior cup and drew out number ten for the semi reversed grid. This put Malcolm Harding on pole, but he made an awful getaway, as he was jammed in second gear for about six seconds. Luckily the pack avoided any contact and by lap three Simpson had the lead from a closely pursuing Brockhurst. These two then put on a high speed display of close and clean racing. Loram held third for a couple of laps until Lewis Smith demoted him, but Ross did well to come home fourth. Blackman was somewhat subdued in fifth, whilst driver of the day Simon Smith had another good run in sixth. Thurley again won the senior cup and one of the Avon tyre awards. The other three tyre winners were Brockhurst, Robertson and Harding. John Steward claimed the best prepared car prize.

TinTops In the Cannons Tin Tops it was a two way battle between Barnaby Davies and Kenny Coleman. Barny took the first race, but spun out of the second allowing Coleman to take the win. Cliff Pellin reigned supreme in T3, after passing Vic Hope’s Honda Civic when it got a bit slippery. Similarly Neal Gardiner maintained his championship quest with two wins in T4, as did Peter Osborne in TP. Gary French won the Mark Fish driver of the race award in the first encounter, with Chris Bassett taking the second. Josh Darton won best prepared car.

The Quaife Motorsport News races had plenty of drama, although Dale Gent took both wins. The expected battle with Rod Birley failed to happen, as Birley had an engine failure on the first lap of qualifying. Tin top champion Peter Osborne kindly loaned Rod his car, so he could at least have a race.

QMN In the first encounter Perry Winch had an engine failure going down the Bentley Straight. On the resulting oil slick Peter Taylor slammed into the back of the stranded Renault Clio. At the same time Matt Turner dislodged the tyre stack coming through Chapman corner, so it was inevitable the red flags would appear. Taylor went to the medical centre, but was later released. There then followed an extraordinary situation on the grid when the Holden Commodore of Alex Sidwell had difficulty restarting. A huge effort by the marshals still couldn’t get the engine to fire up, but a tow truck did the trick. A five minute sprint saw Gent beat Sidwell with Liptrott finishing third.

QMN The second race was just after a heavy rain shower, so tyre choice was a dilemma. Bill Richards, Tony Paxman and Nick Wall elected to run on slicks, whilst the rest plumped for wets. The track remained very slippery as Gent took an easy win. Sidwell held off the advances of Ian Butler, with Alan Phillips getting the better of Liptrott for third. Paxman retired with a possible electrical issue, so Glen Rossiter took class D honours, as Richards struggled on his slicks. Driver of the day went to Andy Banham, and best prepared car was awarded to Martyn Scott.

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