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Sevenesque Sports Car Series - Rockingham race report

By Rod Birley

Sevenesque Rockingham The first two races in the new “sevenesque” sports car series brought together a small but select band of racers at Rockingham. Qualifying only showed up one issue, when Ian Fletcher’s unique Fletcher Hornet broke it’s exhaust. Ian then became the centre of attention on the first lap of the race as he shot from 8th to 4th position. Unfortunately he did not maintain his pace and eventually slipped back to 6th, narrowly clinching his class victory from a fast closing John Chasey.

Sevenesque Rockingham Meanwhile the contest for overall victory was between Ian Conibear’s Duratech powered Caterham S3 and Stephen Garner’s turbocharged Megabusa Westfield. With a flailing mud guard the Westfield’s progress was slightly hampered, allowing Conibear to win by just over a second. Stewart Fenton upheld Tiger honour to take the final podium position from a hard charging Bruce Wilson (Caterham CSR). Both drivers claimed their respective class victories. Peter Hargroves hussled his bright yellow Caterham into fifth, whilst Gary Davison was the final finisher in 8th with his Tiger.

Sevenesque Rockingham The second race saw the demise of Davison as soon as the red lights went out. His engine just cut out. Gary did receive the unlucky driver award, of a bottle of bubbly to drown his sorrows. At the front Conibear was under considerable pressure from Garner and on lap two the Westfield slipped into the lead at Brook, whilst Fenton had a bit of a tank slapper going through Gracelands. Despite constant pressure, Conibear just failed to usurp Garner who held on for a hard fought win. Fenton gathered himself together and cruised home third as Wilson fell back towards Hargroves. At one stage it got very close between the two Caterhams but Wilson just secured 4th. Hargroves won the best prepared car of the day award. A very entertaining battle between Fletcher and Chasey was decided in the Caterham drivers favour this time.

So despite the small turnout, both races proved to be entertaining. The series resumes at Lydden in June, with hopefully more drivers joining in.

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