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Sevenesque Sports Car Series - Brands Hatch race report

By Rod Birley

Sevenesque Although it wasn’t a big grid of cars, the three races produced a fair amount of entertainment. Quickest qualifier Tony Bennett had a hard charging Ian Conibear to contend with. Both were driving highly modified Caterham 7s and Ian got the jump on Tony at the start. Tony soon redressed the situation, but the silver 7 was never far behind throughout the 18 laps. Stephen Garner had a bit of an erratic run to third, but was far enough ahead of a good three way battle between Mick Grant (Tiger R6), Peter Hargroves (Caterham SLR) and Bruce Wilson (Caterham CSR). Hargroves tried several times to usurp the Tiger, but in the end Wilson slipped past both of them to claim class 4 honours and fourth overall. Grant took class 2 as Alastair Heys (Westfield) completed the runners.

Sevenesque For Sunday’s two races we had three extra runners: Glen Rossiter (Renault Clio) and Paul Adams (Mercedes SLK) ran in the invitation class, whilst Rod Birley had a go in Rob Singleton’s class 3 Caterham 7. The rolling start saw Conibear leap into the lead, and it looked like he had everything under control until half way around the final lap. Whether it was a lapse in concentration or Bennett found a chink in Ian’s defence we don’t know, but Tony snatched the win. Garner maintained third, but did have to stave off the advances of Adams, who closed up in the second half of the race. Into fifth came Wilson, winning class 4 again, whilst there was a good battle between Hargroves and Birley, which went in Rod’s favour. Rossiter completed the finishers, after Grant pulled off when a wheel mudguard collapsed and Heys had a more terminal failure in the suspension department.

Sevenesque The third race featured a reversed grid for the finishers. Thus Rossiter was on pole with Hargroves alongside. From the rolling start Birley burst through into the lead and had the honour of leading lap one. It didn’t take long for Bennett to wriggle through and he lead by the end of lap two. Garner was the next to demote Birley, but it took until lap six for Conibear to execute a pass. By now Bennett was up the road and looking easy for his third win. Nevertheless Conibear tried hard to close the gap, only to suffer a quick spin. He still maintained second, whilst Garner again had to fend off Adams. Hargroves took class 4 honours this time as he found a way past Birley, but Wilson could not make up the deficit. Grant took the class 2 trophy, as Rossiter completed the runners.

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