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Scrapco / Avon Intermarque Championship
with Sevenesque Sports Car Series race report,
Silverstone International, 23rd April 2016

By Rod Birley
Photos: Rafal Biniszewski

Intermarque The International circuit at Silverstone greeted the Intermarque and Sevenesque drivers for the first time. The weather, although cold, remained dry all day, but the track was still damp when qualifying began. The Sevenesque cars were released from the assembly area first in order to give each group as fair a chance as possible to set a representative time. The quickest driver was returnee Tommy Field in his silver grey Vauxhall Tigra which topped the time sheets in an impressive 1 minute 10.465 seconds. Second spot went to Chris Brockhurst 0.649 of a second slower. Row two saw Lewis Smith third quickest and although Ian Conibear was fourth overall in his Caterham he would start from pole position for the Sevenesque runners. Completing row two was therefore Malcolm Blackman, followed by Richard Smith and Steve Burrows. In the Sevenesque Rob Singleton was second, followed by Gary Bate, Peter Hargroves, David Tilley and Carl Nairn. The Sevenesque runners would start roughly 10 seconds after the Intermarque guys.

Sevenesque Race one saw Tommy Field lead all the way with Lewis Smith clinging on gamely in second. Blackman and Brockhurst battled over third spot, with Malcolm initially in front until lap four when Chris held the initiative. Sadly on lap seven the turquoise Tigra pulled off with a damaged radiator. This let Malcolm Harding up to fourth, but he was being hunted down by Daniel Smith who had charged through from the back of the grid. On lap 11 the dark green VW secured fourth spot, as Harding now had to contend with Burrows. Richard Smith had been as high as fifth early on, but an unintentional punt by his brother Simon spun him back to 16th. In the end he recovered to 10th, following the exclusion of on the road winner Field. The rear diffuser was deemed to protrude too far, so the scrutineers issued a non compliance statement. This meant that Lewis Smith received the winner’s trophy, with Blackman second and Daniel Smith third. Top senior driver was Harding in fourth spot. The top ten positions were reversed for race two, which put Richard Smith on pole position. The concurrent Sevenesque race saw a terrific three way scrap between Bate, Singleton and Conibear. Time and again the three cars were only inches apart, but the racing was very clean. In the end Bate reached the chequered flag first by 0.2 of a second with Conibear second. Singleton had a small excursion, but still came home third with Rob Grant fourth. Invitee David Tilley secured fifth, with Hargroves sixth. The others finished in the order Mark Drain, Billy Nairn, Carl Nairn and Mark Horton. The top seven positions were reversed for the second race, which promoted Mark Drain to pole position.

Intermarque Ironically the second race turned out to be even more controversial than the first, except for totally different reasons. Tommy Field rectified the rear diffuser issue and lined up at the rear of the Intermarque grid along with first race retirees Brockhurst and Mark Fuller (broken halfshaft). Much was anticipated to see how far they progressed. An early casualty was Brian Loram who thought his gearbox issue from race one had been resolved, but it was not. By the end of the first lap Burrows held the lead with Lewis Smith already up to second, his father Richard lay third, from Thurley, Blackman and Field. Next came Harding, Lee Griffiths and Brockhurst. By lap three Field was third, but Lewis already had the lead. From here on it was clearly going to be a battle between these two. However, Field tried everything to usurp Lewis, but the youngster held firm and appeared to be heading for the win.

Sevenesque What happened next appears to be very bizarre. Simon Smith had already slowed with a problem, but was still circulating about ten seconds slower than usual. Then Fuller had an issue with his Mercedes and pulled to one side with his arm aloft cruising back towards the pits. The marshals deployed the white flag to indicate a slow moving vehicle on track. It appears that a group of drivers bunched up behind the crippled Mercedes and followed it into the pit lane, believing the race had finished. The chequered flag was readied and a slowing Field crossed the finish line first. The officials were somewhat bemused by what had happened and a drivers meeting was convened to see what happened. After much discussion a result was declared which showed that Field was indeed victorious. Lewis Smith claimed second with Brockhurst third and Blackman fourth. Reuben Taylor therefore was classified fifth and received the driver of the day award, with Ayling sixth (best senior) and Thurley seventh following a time penalty. The Avon tyre awards went to Simon Smith, Brian Loram, Blackman and Burrows.

In the Sevenesque group it was again Bate, Conibear and Singleton. This time the Boss racing man triumphed, following an impressive drive which netted him the driver of the meeting award. Sadly Bate was excluded for a yellow flag infringement so Conibear got second with Tilley third, Hargroves fourth, Billy Nairn fifth and Horton completing the classified finishers.

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