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Quaife Cannons TinTops race report,
Brands Hatch, 5th November 2016

By Adam Grant
Photos: Rafal Biniszewski

TinTops Like the Intermarque the Tin tops had to venture out for qualifying on a very slippery track. Again tyre choice was critical in order to achieve a good qualifying time. Popping up at the top of the time sheet was Chris Bassett, followed by the Honda Civic trio of Vic Hope, Daniel Fisher and Chris Whiteman. This meant that the T2 championship contenders were all together. Fifth on the grid would be leading T1 runner Bob Hosier in his Seat, followed by Graham Richardson, then champion elect Mikey Day and fellow Saxo T3 runner Steve Everson. Cliff Pellin headed TP in his Fiesta followed by a surprised Rod Birley, who got a last minute opportunity to drive Alfie Brooker’s very standard BMW Mini. Matt Ellis headed up row six, followed by Marcus Bicknell, Ryan Brimsted, Danny Brooker (Alfie’s father), James Alford, Trevor Collar, Chris Bicknell, Ken Angell, Adrian Mathews, Kelly Dann and Gideon September.

TinTops Race one was on a much drier track and Bassett shot off into the lead. The expected challenge from Whiteman didn’t really materialise, as by lap three he was nearly four seconds behind and visibly slowing. The engine in the Honda was overheating and Whiteman wisely pulled off. So Fisher now inherited second, with Hope still in third, but under pressure from Hosier. Day was next just holding off Pellin and Birley, with another group not far back headed by Richardson and Alford. Brooker, Collar and a recovering Everson (who spun on lap 3) were catching up to make it an 8 car train. On lap 12 Hosier got past Hope, as Brooker wriggled through the freight train getting up to 6th behind Day. Pellin clung on to 7th, followed by Richardson, Alford, Collar, Everson and Birley, all covered by less than five seconds. Marcus Bicknell was 13th pursued by Brimsted and Ellis in their own entertaining battle. Chris Bicknell was rather lonely in 16th, September was next and Dann and Angell (blown head gasket) completed the finishers. Matthews and the luckless Forbes both retired.

TinTops Race two saw Fisher get the jump on Bassett and lead away, with Hosier third, until he came off at Surtees on lap two. Just as the safety car appeared, Bassett snatched the lead whilst Brooker took up the third spot, meanwhile the stranded Seat of Hosier was towed away. On the re-start Bassett continued to lead under pressure from Fisher, with Brooker holding off Day, Hope and Alford. Whiteman was scything through and up to 7th, leaving Collar to fend off Pellin and Birley. Lap six saw Whiteman dramatically slow going into Clearways, due to a jammed gearbox, which held up Hope and allowed Alford to escape. Collar was now fifth from Pellin and Birley. Everson had spun on lap one going through Graham Hill bend and was now recovering lost ground. Along with Hope they both got past Birley and Pellin.

TinTops Meanwhile Fisher regained the lead and gradually pulled away from Bassett to take a well deserved win. Day moved up to third after Brooker spun at Paddock bend and lost a lot of ground sliding around on the wet grass. Alford just held off Collar for fourth, with Everson a close sixth from Hope. Pellin was 8th, also winning class TP, with Birley next and winning T1. Matthews came through to 10th, as Ellis got the better of Brimsted and Marcus Bicknell. Brooker was a lap down in 14th, followed by Chris Bicknell, September, Whiteman (still stuck in gear) and Dann. Angell joined Hosier on the sidelines, after his head gasket cried enough.

As the points were totted up Day not only took the Tin Tops title, but also the Sydney Allard cup, which is for all three championships combined. Angell sewed up T1, with Whiteman just taking T2 by two points from Fisher and Bassett. Pellin pipped September by six points to take the TP class. Hopefully they will all be at the dinner dance to collect their hard earned awards in January.

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