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Intermarque Race Report, Donington, 3rd September 2017

By Rod Birley
Photos: Rafal Biniszewski

Intermarque A very disappointing entry of just 13 cars turned up at Donington, so it was good to see a couple of Tin top drivers stay over from Saturday in order to join in the first race. With the added luxury of pit garages, it had been hoped that around 20 cars would be appearing, but a myriad of excuses meant that there were several non-starters.

On a positive note it was good to see Brian Loram returning and it was nice to welcome Brett Walter, albeit rather briefly. Qualifying saw Lewis Smith maintain his good form away from Brands Hatch, as he took pole position. Malcolm Blackman lined up second, but looked to be conserving tyres. Steve Burrows seems to have sorted his Peugeot and he was back on the pace in third. Keith White appears to like Donington, as he annexed fourth, with senior rival Thurley in fifth. Ian Hales had a dash board issue, but luckily got it sorted to line up sixth. Richard Smith had Philip Young for company on row 4, as Chris Ayling and Reuben Taylor completed the top ten. Loram and Homewood rounded out the intermarque starters as Walter withdrew his brand new car, due to a suspected head gasket failure. Dan Fisher and Ken Angell joined in for a bit of fun, which was a good attitude.

Intermarque Blackman only just made it in time for the start of race one. A small fuel leak tested his team’s ability, but they fixed the problem as Malcolm was eager to challenge Lewis. The start was very orderly as Smith junior led them away. Blackman slotted into second with Burrows third and Thurley fourth from Hales and White. Hales spun at Redgate on lap two dropping to the tail of the field, as Angel dived into the pits to shut his driver’s door. Richard Smith had also lost ground, but was soon making up places. White took over fourth spot from Thurley, who then had Taylor forcing a way past along with Ayling. With the two leaders battling hard , and each breaking the lap record, it was difficult to know where to look.

On lap nine Blackman took the lead after bravely out braking Lewis Smith. However, it was short lived as Smith fought back into the lead at Redgate on the next lap. With Burrows watching the action in third, and White safe in fourth, attention switched to the next pack. Taylor made a mistake at the chicane and dropped behind Ayling, Thurley and Young. Ayling then picked up an engine misfire and plummeted down the order. So Thurley picked up fifth position, just holding off the recovering Richard Smith. Young tenaciously held off Hales for 7th with Taylor coming home 9th. Homewood rounded out the top ten with Dan Fisher next, followed by a limping Ayling and then Angell. Loram was the only retirement with engine maladies.

Intermarque Race two saw Taylor on pole position with Hales alongside, as the top nine were reversed. Neither of the two Tin Top entries came out for this race, and with Loram missing as well, it meant just 11 cars took the start. Smith and Blackman had first and second sewn up by the end of lap one and that was really it for these two. Richard Smith appeared in third from White and Taylor, but that changed on lap two as Richard dropped to the tail of the field, just in front of Ayling. It appeared that two into one at Redgate won’t go and the resulting contact between Keith and Richard saw the No.4 Mercedes come off worst. Both drivers later visited the clerk of the course. A late starting Hales was already a lap behind, as Ian had inadvertently switched off his fuel pump. An issue with his differential later in the race meant the No.6 Tigra was a retirement. Richard Smith also retired after 8 laps.

Intermarque Meanwhile it looked like the weather might have an influence on the race, as it started drizzling on lap 7 and the times increased. Both Lewis Smith and Blackman slowed as they were far enough ahead of Taylor. Reuben literally slipped behind Burrows and White as they were still battling hard. Young also took the opportunity to get past Thurley, whilst a hobbled Ayling pinched 8th spot as Homewood dived into the pits on his final lap. So the finishing order was Lewis Smith, Blackman, White who got back past Burrows, then came Taylor, Young, Thurley, Ayling and Homewood.

In the championship Blackman leads Smith by 35 points, but still has to drop a score (ironically this could be 35). So Lewis has won all the away races, whilst Blackman has been unbeatable at Brands Hatch... so far. Thurley still leads White in the Senior Cup, but only by 13 points. The next round is on Saturday 23rd September back at Brands. Keith White won the Avon tyre award.

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