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Two more for Birley, but the pressure stays on.

By Brian Phillips

QMN race QMN and Tin Tops drivers were back at Brands Hatch for round two of their championships on a warm and sunny early May bank holiday weekend. At the front the story was very much as before, with Rod Birley securing a pair of wins. The missing ingredient this time was the V8 Holden of Alex Sidwell, but Dale Gent and Malcolm Wise kept the pressure on the local man.

Birley has an early season points advantage because a bigger class means more cars to beat and bonus points for success. However, reigning champion Gavin Thomson, Ian Butler and Andy Woods-Dean all maintained their 100% success rate with two more class wins each.

Other headlines from the weekend included the first Tin Tops exclusive race of the year. The less modified cars shared the track with the QMN for one of their outings but also appeared on their own in a race dominated by Chris Whiteman's Civic with Graham Richardson's Nova second, each winning a class. But the highlight of the race was a titanic scrap for third between Terry Searles, Tom Bridger and Glen Rossiter which Searles won by less than a car's length, officially measured at 0.075 of a second.

Race one brought out the full QMN entry and the Tin Tops T3 class. Birley, Gent and Wise set off at the head of the pack, followed by Paul Eve and Rick May's much improved new Escort until it slowed and cruised to the finish with a broken drive shaft.

QMN race This promoted a race-long tussle between Bill Richards and Steve Rothery for fifth overall and first in class D. Behind seventh man May, Butler and Woods-Dean won classes B and E respectively. Thomson had serious set-up problems which made the Peugeot a big handful, but with Peter Taylor faring even worse, Gavin was safe in the class C lead although far from happy to finish 13th overall.

Whiteman was missing from the Tin Tops group after a broken alternator was discovered, so T3 honours were contested by Glen Rossiter and Terry Searles. A puncture and a huge moment at the foot of Paddock spoiled Terry's chances, but he recovered to second with Cliff Pellin third.

The second shared race followed a similar pattern so far as overall honours were concerned and finished in the order Birley, Gent, Wise and Eve. Rothery and Richards again contested fifth place and it looked as if Clio driver Rothery was going to hold off the Mini man despite Richards' persistent efforts. Rothery did indeed finish fifth and win class D, but Richards stopped two laps from the end with the Mini leaking smoke and oil.

Thomson caught up with this duo before the Mini's demise and finished sixth, with Danny Innes next and still getting to grips with his Seat Leon. One lap down, Woods-Dean and Butler were eighth and tenth, sandwiching Whiteman who made a non-scoring guest appearance in this race.

TinTops race The Tin Tops T1, T4 and TP cars were headed by Tom Bridger and Graham Richardson, Tom keeping Graham at bay in a mighty performance to take T1. The other classes were won by Dominic Ryan and Pete Osborne, Pete as usual punching well above his weight in a production class car.

The Tin Tops only race brought out 14 cars of which 11 finished. Championship newcomer but racing veteran Mike Chittenden retired with a sick BMW M3 and Ross Craig's Fiesta also failed. Cliff Pellin trailed into the pits with his Ford creating an ominous smokescreen.

As reported above, highlight of the race was the contest for second and third in T3 behind Whiteman and second in T1 after Richardson. Less than 0.9 of a second covered Searles, Bridger and Rossiter as they took the chequered flag. Osborne was seventh overall winning TP and Ryan beat Dave Charlton's Beetle in T4.

Round three of both championships is scheduled for Brands Hatch as part of the Masters meeting on the late May bank holiday weekend.

The QMN best prepared car was the Peugeot 306 driven by Peter Wilkinson.
The best prepared Tin top was Robert Farndon's VW Golf.

Driver of the day for QMN was Tony Paxman,
and driver of the day in the Tin Tops was Tom Bridger.

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