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Race report, Cadwell Park 12th May.

By Rod Birley

Intermarque Under darkening skies the cars assembled on the grid. Just as the pace lap began the rain started to fall, although only lightly at first. Matt Moore blasted into the lead as the red lights went out. By the time he came back over the Mountain, Chris Brockhurst had closed right up and Matt slid across the grass going through Hall bends. Falling back to third was only a temporary slip, as Moore used his power advantage to good effect. By lap three he was back up to second, and Brockhurst surrendered the lead on the fourth tour.

As the rain got heavier some drivers adapted better to the conditions than others. Notably Mark Fuller who went from 12th to 8th , and Malcolm Blackman who climbed up to 6th. Conversely Richard Smith slipped back to 11th , although he did recover to 9th. Daniel Smith pulled off with a misfire and Lewis Smith suffered fuel starvation as his pump failed.

Baz Johnson had earlier spun out of 9th position and rejoined in 17th. Storming through from 18th to inherit 9th was Ray Harris, but his impressive run ended with a heavy off into the tyre wall. By now the track was very slippery and debris was littering various parts. The clerk of the course wisely curtailed proceedings and the results were declared on countback, giving Moore his second win of the season. Brockhurst was a mere half second behind, followed by Matt and Jeff Simpson. A good run by Humphrey netted fifth from Blackman, Armiger and Fuller.

On the rostrum Moore pulled out No.8 meaning that Mark Fuller would be on pole for the second race.

Intermarque With the rain now falling relentlessly, everyone fitted wet weather grooved tyres. Two laps behind the safety car identified a few cars with problems. Blackman and pole man Fuller pulled out with misted windscreens, whilst Daniel Smith had a recurance of his misfire. This left Armiger alone on the front row from a quick starting Humphrey. The yellow No.51 Tigra snatched the lead by the first corner as young Armiger slipped behind the Simpsons and was tagged by Moore. Luke then retired to the pits whilst Moore had another off course excursion and then called it a day.

Richard Smith then had a quick spin and soon retired due to lack of visibility. Meanwhile Humphrey led for two laps before Matt Simpson squeezed past. Jeff found the task a bit harder and took another three laps to usurp Russell. At the same time Brockhurst took advantage and slipped into third. The next three laps saw Chris pushing Jeff very hard until he found a way past going into Coppice.

Intermarque Two drivers revelling in the conditions were Baz Johnson and Lewis Smith. They both made exceptional progress into fifth and sixth respectively, despite both of them having quick spins on the way. Loram had a fairly sedate run into seventh, whilst Philip Young occupied that position initially. Unfortunately Mr.Cheese dropped back to ninth, whilst Colin Gomm improved during the race to take eighth. John Chasey completed the finishers, albeit a lap down as the rain did him no favours. Simon Smith retired and Ray Harris non-started.

As Matt Simpson cruised to the chequered flag, Brockhurst took second from Jeff Simpson with driver of the day Russell Humphrey coming home fourth.

The Avon tyre awards went to Lewis Smith, Baz Johnson, Colin Gomm and Russell Humphrey. Next time out it is back to Brands Hatch for the big American V8 weekend.

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