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2017 Regulations

Quaife Modified Saloons Championship - 2017 REGULATIONSDownload
Scrapco Avon Intermarque Championship - 2017 REGULATIONSDownload
Quaife Cannons TinTops Championship - 2017 REGULATIONSDownload

2016 Regulations

Avon Intermarque Championship - 2016 REGULATIONSDownload
Motorsport News Saloons Championship - 2016 REGULATIONSDownload
Cannons TinTops Championship - 2016 REGULATIONSDownload
Sevenesque Sports Car Series - 2016 REGULATIONSDownload

2015 Regulations

Motorsport News Saloons Championship - 2015 REGULATIONS Download
Avon Intermarque Championship - 2015 REGULATIONS Download
Cannons TinTops Championship - 2015 REGULATIONS Download
Sevenesque Sports Car Series - 2015 REGULATIONSDownload

2014 Regulations

Sevenesque Sports Car Series - 2014 REGULATIONSDownload
2014 MSA Track Limits RegulationsDownload
Cannons TinTops Championship - 2014 REGULATIONSDownload
Quaife Intermarque Championship supported by Avon Tyres - 2014 REGULATIONSDownload
Quaife Motorsport News Saloons Championship - 2014 REGULATIONSDownload

2013 Regulations

Important notes from Brian Hopper (Eligibility Scrutineer) regarding numbers. Download
Cannons TinTops Championship - 2013 RegulationsDownload
Quaife Intermarque Championship supported by Avon Tyres - 2013 Regulations Download
Quaife Motorsport News Saloon Car Championship - 2013 RegulationsDownload
Further clarification on class HR Intermarque front splitters.Download
Clarification of regulations - Quaife Intermarques,
class HR bonnets and splitters WITH DIAGRAM
Clarification of regulations - Quaife Intermarques, class HR bonnets and splittersDownload
Clarification of regulations - Quaife IntermarquesDownload

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Latest gallery Quaife Cannons TinTops,
4th November 2017

Last Race Results

Quaife Modified Saloons:

1. Andy Banham
2. Graham Crowhurst
3. Matthew Turner
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Quaife / Cannons TinTops:

1. Rod Birley
2. Dan Fisher
3. James J.J. Ross
See full results

Scrapco / Avon Intermarque:

1. Malcolm Blackman
2. Matt Simpson
3. Daniel Smith
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2017 Champions (Provisional):

Quaife Modified Saloons:

Rod Birley
See full standings

Quaife / Cannons TinTops:

Dan Fisher
See full standings

Scrapco / Avon Intermarque:

Malcolm Blackman See full standings