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Race entries refund policy (amended August 2016)

The South Eastern Centre encourages drivers to submit their race entries early to give themselves the best chance of securing a place on the starting grid. This also helps to ensure that information published in race day programmes is as complete as possible. However, we do understand that circumstances may change and that, for whatever reason, an entry may subsequently have to be withdrawn.

If that happens, the Centre will use its discretion when considering how individual cases should be handled, but as a general guide we have adopted the following race entries refund policy.

An entry withdrawn before race day entitles the driver to a full refund or transfer to the next available event, subject to the conditions outlined below.

A driver who takes part in qualifying, but cannot race due to an oversubscribed entry, is entitled to a refund or transfer to the next available event, less a £50 admin fee.

To qualify for a transfer, a new entry form must be submitted for the future event, along with any difference in the entry fee. The transferred entry cannot be acknowledged until this is done. Only one “rollover” of an entry will be permitted. If it is still not possible to take up the entry, a refund will be provided.

No refund or transfer can take place until all tickets for the withdrawn entry have been returned to the Centre’s Race Entries Secretaries. These tickets must be returned before the date of the meeting the entrant is withdrawing from. Failure to return all tickets will mean an automatic deduction of £50.00 from any authorised refund or transfer.

All refunds or transfers will be authorised by the Centre's Race Entries Secretaries. If a driver’s application for transfer or refund is refused by one of the Centre's Race Entries Secretaries the driver’s avenue of appeal is to the Centre’s Committee. The appeal must be in writing and submitted to the Centre’s Hon. Secretary.

The Centre’s Hon. Treasurer has no authorisation to grant refunds or transfers.

If a driver takes part in the qualifying session, and then subsequently cannot race as a result of mechanical problems or accident damage, no refund or transfer will be made.

No refund or transfer will be made if a driver fails to attend an event and has not notified the Centre.

No refund or transfer will be made if a driver withdraws from an event after he/she has been notified of acceptance, and breaches, or fails to adhere to the regulations, as set out in the MSA Blue Book: Entrants Responsibilities Section H 32.2.1. 32.2.2. and 32.2.3.

The relevant part of the MSA regulation Section H is reproduced below:

32.2.1 Entrants and Drivers Forbidden to Abandon one Event and compete in another.

32.2.2. Any entrant having entered, or any driver having undertaken to drive in any event, who does not take part in that event and takes part in another event on the same day may thereby become liable to the penalty set out in Part 3, Appendix 1.

32.2.3. Provided also that a competitor who has been notified that his entry has been accepted conditionally or that a decision has been deferred may enter for another event on the same day on condition that if his for the second event is accepted he shall forthwith notify the first organising club.

No entry fees will be transferred from one season to the next.

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