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Chris Whiteman, Honda Civic Type R driver in Cannons Tin Tops Championship, class T3, age 52.

BARC SEC: Ok green flags – lets go: how did your adventure with motorsport get started?
Chris Whiteman: My brother Brian started banger racing in the 1970s, so I helped him along with my twin brother Denny. When Brian joined the Bexley Suicide squad I decide to have a go, and soon became team captain. The team developed a fearsome reputation and became unbeatable in team events.

BS: You're behind the wheel of your Civic Type R. What is your dream racing car?
C.W.: Matt Neal's Honda touring car.

BS: What is your dream motorsport event you want to take part in?
C.W.: As long as I enjoy it, it doesn't really matter. Anything with 4 wheels. Even having a go in a Ford Granada later this year, for a charity banger event in October.

BS: Hard braking now – are there any other sport disciplines you're familiar with?
C.W.: Short circuit motor racing on the ovals, anything from bangers to hot rods. Watched boxing.

BS: Racing is on weekends – what are you doing weekdays?
C.W.: Working at Scrapco in Erith during the day, preparing my Honda in the evening or popping in to the Jolly Farmers for a swift half.

BS: Who are your motorsport and non-motorsport heroes?
C.W.: George Polley, Ormond Christie and my mechanics. Any one who is prepared to have a go at any sport, especially if they do well against the odds.

BS: What are your expectations for 2013?
C.W.: Had too many years chasing points, so really just want to enjoy the racing and the social side. Lets all have fun.

BS: Very tricky corner now – imagine there are no cars in the world, what would you do?
C.W.: Put rear windows in my RS Focus and call it a van!!!

BS: And finish line – it's time for a drink. What's your favorite one?
C.W.: Bud or Fosters, definitely NOT tomato juice.

BS: Thanks and good luck.

Chris Whiteman

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