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Paul Eve, Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4x4 driver in the QMN Saloon Championship, class A, age 42.

BARC SEC: Ok green flags – lets go: how did your adventure with motorsport get started?
Paul Eve: Started in 1996 in oval sport at Arena Essex, bangers was my choice and continued for the next 8yrs doing all formulas of banger racing including World final championships and various one off races like caravan racing / chained pairs / team racing and generally competing through the year across the country.

BS: You're behind the wheel of your Sierra Sapphire Cosworth. What is your dream racing car?
P.E.: Probably some sort of GT saloon, never really been a big fan of open wheel single seaters as saloons are different in everyway from one another, maybe a Le Mans GT Aston Martin.

BS: What is your dream motorsport event you want to take part in?
P.E.: I'd love a round in the BTCC maybe at Brands on the GP track, that would be fantastic, or a seat in the Le Mans 24hr or even a Nascar race at Daytona, I've recently watched more of that sport on the TV and there is a lot more to it than many may think.

BS: Hard braking now – are there any other sport disciplines you're familiar with?
P.E.: Yes, I train during the week with running and swimming, I've done triathlons in the past and came 7th in the first Southend triathlon about 3 years ago. As a boy I was a keen footballer and played for Essex and Southend FC boys, I gave up in my early 30's as it was taking too long to recover, I also love playing golf in the spring/summer.

BS: Racing is on weekends – what are you doing weekdays?
P.E.: Apart from the training unfortunately I have to work to pay for the racing. I'm in the commercial vehicle business and have been since being a fitter out of school. I lease, buy, sell and hire everything from vans to articulated trucks across the UK and Europe.

BS: Who are your motorsport and non-motorsport heroes?
P.E.: Motorsport – Jason Plato, Tiff Needell, Schumacher and some of the mental people I've mixed with in the banger scene over the years. Non motorsport – some of the people I've worked with over the years and some very good friends.

BS: What are your expectations for 2013?
P.E.: To finish as many races as possible and to keep on enjoying it. People forget to enjoy the sport the more they do it, especially if they get a few results under their belt as expectations are then expected which extinguishes the fun, you need to still have a smile on your face as aswell as it's a passion it's also a hobby for most.

BS: Very tricky corner now – imagine there are no cars in the world, what would you do?
P.E.: That's a hard question, probably race trucks :).

BS: And finish line – it's time for a drink. What's your favorite one?
P.E.: Not being a huge drinker, in fact I hardly ever do so the occasional Belgian beer is nice, I'm usually driving so everyone else can get bladdered.

BS: Thanks and good luck.

Paul Eve

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