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Joshua Darton, Peugeot 205 GTI driver in Cannons TinTops Championship,
class T4, age 21.

BARC SEC: OK green flags – lets go: how did your adventure with motorsport get started?
Joshua Darton: 2014 is my first season of Motorsport, finding it a steep learning curve but very enjoyable, definitely got the bug!

BS: You're behind the wheel of your Peugeot 205 GTI. What is your dream racing car?
J.D.: My dream racing car would be the Peugeot 205 T16 the best of the truly wild and untamed Group B rally cars.

BS: What is your dream motorsport event you want to take part in?
J.D.: Dream racing event would have to be the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, not as much history as Monaco or Silverstone but I think it's a huge leap in track development and the ever changing world of motorsport.

BS: Hard braking now – are there any other sport disciplines you're familiar with?
J.D.: In my school days I used to play lots of sport but nowadays being a village boy I only get roped into the occasional farmers cricket match.

BS: Racing is on weekends – what are you doing weekdays?
J.D.: During the week I'm a self employed agricultural and countryside contractor.

BS: Who are your motorsport and non-motorsport heroes?
J.D.: My Hero in motorsport would be Mark Webber, I think he has a great attitude and passion for racing, as for outside motor sport not so much my hero but I'm a big fan of Morrisey and The Smiths.

BS: What are your expectations for 2014?
J.D.: My aim for 2014 is very realistic and is to simply finish every race and collect data to help set the car up for next year.

BS: Very tricky corner now – imagine there are no cars in the world, what would you do?
J.D.: A world without cars would definitely make tractor driving a lot more pleasant! I've always had a passion for aircraft so that would have been the next step to go down, failing that dare I mention motorbikes?

BS: And finish line – it's time for a drink. What's your favorite one?
J.D.: Best drink is the young farmers favourite, Red Diesel. Half lager, half cider, and a shot of blackcurrant or port depending on the event.

BS: Thanks and good luck.

Joshua Darton

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