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Chris Bassett, Peugeot 205 GTI driver in Cannons TinTops Championship,
class T3, age 32.

BARC SEC: OK green flags – lets go: how did your adventure with motorsport get started?
Chris Bassett: It began with bikes at the age of 7. Our local track then shut down after someone was killed and it left us with nowhere to go. My step dad has always been involved in motorsport and I got into karting from age 8 until I was 17 wining a few championships along the way. I then competed in a few one off races and championships until the age of 25 and had a sabbatical until this season aged 33. Think the wife got fed up with me talking about it so said either do something about it or stop talking about it! And here I am in 2014.

BS: You're behind the wheel of your Peugeot 205 GTI. What is your dream racing car?
C.B.: The F1 JPS Lotus from 1985.

BS: What is your dream motorsport event you want to take part in?
C.B.: Monaco F1.

BS: Hard braking now – are there any other sport disciplines you're familiar with?
C.B.: Other than motorsport - Football, I used to play, but now the wrong side of 30! Supporting Liverpool, which takes up a lot of my spare time travelling to see games.

BS: Racing is on weekends – what are you doing weekdays?
C.B.: Managing Director of Fusion Media – a corporate communications agency.

BS: Who are your motorsport and non-motorsport heroes?
C.B.: Ayrton Senna, Steve McQueen, Michael Schumacher, Robbie Fowler and Steven Gerrard.

BS: What are your expectations for 2014?
C.B.: Racing wise; not setting myself any targets this year with it being my first year in tin tops other than to be fairly competitive. Next season, however, might be another story!

BS: Very tricky corner now – imagine there are no cars in the world, what would you do?
C.B.: No parking fines or congestion charge fines?! Sounds like heaven! I like the idea of getting a big Harley.

BS: And finish line – it's time for a drink. What's your favorite one?
C.B.: Pint of San Miguel if alcoholic. San Pellegrino lemonade if non alcoholic.

BS: Thanks and good luck.

Chris Bassett

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