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Brands Hatch Meeting Report

Added: 30th March 2017 at 22:05

Full Brands Hatch, 25th-26th March 2017 meeting report added to RACE REPORTS section.

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Intermarque Photo Gallery

Added: 30th March 2017 at 7:35

Scrapco Avon intermarque Championship photo gallery from Brands Hatch added. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

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QMS and Intermarque at Snetterton

Added: 27th March 2017 at 7:55

Due to low numbers in the QMS championship you will be racing with the Intermarque at Snetterton. You will get your own qualifying sessions, but the QMS will start behind the Intermarque for the two races as per MSA regulation Q12.14.2 (page 283). It is advisable that all Intermarque and QMS drivers read and understand this regulation, although there WILL be a drivers briefing before your first race. It is a 3 mile circuit, which takes around two minutes to lap, so you probably won’t see each other.

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Brands Hatch Race Results

Added: 27th March 2017 at 7:55

All results from last weekend races are available to download from RESULTS section.

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Brands Hatch Spectator Information

Added: 24th March 2017 at 7:30

Very detailed spectator information for this weekend race meeting at Brands Hatch is AVAILABLE HERE

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Brands Hatch Paddock Access

Added: 22nd March 2017 at 7:40

The lower paddock area, which is our designated zone (see final instructions), will be available from 6PM on Thursday March 23rd. Please report to committee member Ken Angell and park as per instructions. As space is very limited at this meeting, please park sensibly, do not block access roads and do not bring in non-essential vehicles. There are other car parks for private cars and non-essential vehicles. Make sure your support vehicle registration number is written on your vehicle pass before you arrive.

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One Week Until First Meeting

Added: 18th March 2017 at 15:00

It is just one week until our first meeting of the year. By now everyone who has entered should have received their E tickets and a vehicle pass. Make sure you print off your E tickets as soon as possible, so we know you have received them. Do not leave it until Thursday or Friday.

For those people who are unable to attend either day, there is a live commentary link via TSL: There will also be live timing during the weekend. Just click on “live timing” when the meeting details are displayed.

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Brands Hatch Entry Lists

Added: 18th March 2017 at 15:00

All three Championship Entry Lists for Brands Hatch, 25th-26th March 2017 are available to download from DOWNLOADS section. Entries are now closed.

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2017 Races Format

Added: 15th March 2017 at 7:35

It seems as though some drivers prefer one day meetings, whereas others like to make a full weekend of their racing. Some prefer racing on Saturdays whilst others prefer Sundays. Some drivers have suggested longer races. So in order to try and cater for all tastes we are trying out a bit of variety this year. The first race meeting will see Tin tops and Intermarque qualifying and racing on the Saturday. QMS will qualify on Saturday and have two races on Sunday. At Snetterton, in April, the QMS and Intermarque will qualify and race on Saturday, whilst the Tin Tops have their qualifying and races on the Sunday, but you won’t be the last race of the day.

In May the Tin tops will have a 30 minute non-championship pit stop race. This will be for either one or two drivers per car, your choice. If this proves successful we might add another 30 minute race later in the year at a different circuit. In June the Intermarque will have their races on the Sunday at the American speedfest meeting. This means that all three of our categories will get some Sunday races this year. Let the coordinators know what you think about this and hopefully we can keep the variety going in the second half of the year.

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Paddock Plan Brands Hatch

Added: 10th March 2017 at 7:50

With regard to the paddock plan for March 25/26 at Brands Hatch, please note that the plan is different to previous truck meetings at Brands Hatch. This is because there is a high number of cars entered. Each team will only receive one vehicle pass. All private cars and non essential vehicles will be parked outside the paddock. Space is going to be very tight so we respectfully ask that you park sensibly and do not spread out too much. This is a high profile meeting and anyone not obeying requests from the paddock staff will be excluded from the meeting.

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BTRA @ Brands Hatch March 25/26 - Hospitality Available

Added: 9th March 2017 at 7:45

The BTRA Race Weekend on March 25/26 at Brands Hatch is approaching and you could have one of the best seats in the house to watch all the action!

The British Racing & Sports Car Club has one of its fantastic hospitality suites available for this race weekend that will allow you and your guests to view on-track activities from the comfort of your very own viewing point. The suite is located in the Brabham Stewart building and overlooks the pit straight and the entry to Paddock Hill Bend. Alongside this, you receive an incredible panoramic viewpoint of the entire Brands Hatch Indy circuit. Plus, there’s easy access to the paddock and pit lane should you wish to head across.

Inside the suite is equipped with all the amenities required to ensure your weekend runs smoothly for your guests, including:
- Refrigerator, microwave oven & full set of glassware and crockery
- Widescreen TV (useable for live timing, presentation, games console and more)
- Personal circuit commentary feed
- Free WiFi

In terms of catering, you are allowed to provide your own snacks (crisps, biscuits, cans of drink etc) or you can opt for a full service provided by MSV. If you were to choose the latter, this would have to be ordered through MSV separately.

With the timetable set to showcase a sensational display of motorsport, you can make sure your experience is enhanced thanks to your very own hospitality suite, exclusively yours for the weekend!

The price for the suite hire for this meeting would be £1,100 + VAT, giving you 28 tickets for both days and 14 car park passes to the hospitality car park. All this for the equivalent of approx. £39 per person – exceptional value!

Interest is generally high, so make sure you get in touch to secure the suite before anyone else! Scott Woodwiss, Media & Marketing Executive
Tel: 01732 780100, Mob: 07471 901269, Email:

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Brands Hatch Final Instructions

Added: 9th March 2017 at 7:40

Brands Hatch, 25th-26th March 2017 Final Instructions are available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

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Quaife Modified Saloons Regulations and Entry Form

Added: 9th March 2017 at 7:35

Quaife Modified Saloons Championship regulations have been approved by MSA and are available to download from REGULATIONS section. QMS Entry Form is available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

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Reminder - Final Entry Date

Added: 6th March 2017 at 22:15

Drivers should be aware that besides the normal closing date for the acceptance of entries (which has a discounted price) there is a final cut-off date for the acceptance of entries. This will be 12 Noon on the Friday 8 or 9 days before an event, irrespective of whether it is a Saturday or Sunday. The final date for the acceptance of entries for Brands Hatch on 25/26 March will therefore be FRIDAY 17th MARCH and for Snetterton on 8/9 April it will be FRIDAY 31st MARCH.

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Reminder - Discounted Entry Fee

Added: 6th March 2017 at 22:15

A reminder to drivers who have not yet entered the first meeting on March 25/26 that the discounted entry fee (which saves you £60) expires at 9 PM on Wednesday 8th March. That is this coming Wednesday.

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TinTops and Intermarque Entry Forms

Added: 6th March 2017 at 7:55

Quaife Cannons TinTops Championship and Scrapco Avon Intermarque Championship Entry Forms are available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

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TinTops and Intermarque Regulations

Added: 4th March 2017 at 20:30

Quaife Cannons TinTops Championship Regaulations and Scrapco Avon Intermarque Championship regulations have been approved by MSA and are available to download from REGULATIONS section.

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Brands Hatch Time Table

Added: 1st March 2017 at 7:45

Brands Hatch, 25th-26th March 2017 Time Table (provisional) is available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

Please don't forget that in the early hours of Sunday March 26th the clocks for FORWARD by one hour, marking the start of British summer time.

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