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TinTops briefing at Brands Hatch

Added: 27th July 2016 at 21:30

The TinTops drivers briefing time on Sunday July 31st has moved to 09.00, and will be at the same time as the Intermarque.

Brands Hatch 30th July - Sevenesque with Allcomers Entry List

Added: 27th July 2016 at 21:30

Sevenesque Sports Car Series with Invitation Allcomers entry list for Brands Hatch, 30th July 2016 is available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

Brands Hatch 31st July - Intermarque Entry List

Added: 26th July 2016 at 07:50

Scrapco Avon Intermarque Championship entry list for Brands Hatch, 31st July 2016 is available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

Brands Hatch 31st July - TinTops Entry List

Added: 25th July 2016 at 07:50

Quaife Cannnons TinTops Championship entry list for Brands Hatch, 31st July 2016 is available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

Brands Hatch 30th - 31st July - Important notice for TinTops and Intermarque drivers

Added: 25th July 2016 at 7:35

The Tin Tops and Intermarque are only racing on Sunday so please DO NOT arrive until Saturday evening after the Sevenesque and TRAC (tricolor, nippon, deutsche challenge) series have left. There will then be more room available.

Confirmed results for June 26th

Added: 25th July 2016 at 7:30

Following fuel checks on cars 25 and 44 both have been found to be fully legal so the results are now confirmed.

Brands Hatch Documents

Added: 22nd July 2016 at 8:00

Brands Hatch 30-31 July 2016 meeting Finial Instructions with Time Table and Paddock Plan are now available to download from DOWNLOADS section. Please note Sevenesque with Allcomers have qualifying and both races on Saturday, Intermarque and TinTops have their qualifying and races on Sunday.

Quaife Motorsport News Saloons Photo Gallery

Added: 7th July 2016 at 23:00

Large (over 220 photos) Quaife Motorsport News Saloons Championship photo gallery from Brands Hatch (25th-26th June 2016) added. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

BARC SE Centre Summer Newsletter

Added: 6th July 2016 at 21:50

Dear BARC South East Centre Member

Since our Spring Edition of our newsletter, we would firstly like to welcome our 2 new recruits to the committee – Angela and Michael Knowles. Michael is also taking on the role of the new Tin Top Coordinator as Amanda Bird has stepped down from this position to concentrate her time on her other commitments. The committee would like to thank Amanda for all her effort and help over the years, it has been very much appreciated, but I am sure we will still all see her around the tracks as she is still heavily involved in the marshal side of things.

A New BARC SE Centre Rescue Unit

Rescue Unit The Committee is very pleased to announce that we have finally been able to formally hand over the new fully equipped Rescue Unit to Paul Butt and his colleagues. The official handover took place at Brands Hatch on Sunday 26th June 2016.

The purchase of the new unit was self-financing due to the fact that over many years Paul and his colleagues have made significant financial contributions to the Centre’s funds, because the hirings secured of the Rescue Units by motor clubs and other motorsport organisations, and we wish to record our sincere thanks to them for hiring our units.

In addition we have secured a grant from the MSA and with sale of our older unit to our colleagues at Croft this will offset the overall cost to the Centre.

We hope that the appearance of our new unit at race meetings will help not only promote BARC SE Centre’s profile, but motorsport in general.

From the Scrutineering Bay

The scrutineering bay tends to be a bit of a scary place for some, so over the next few issues of the newsletter Graham Bahr intends to pass on a little info and a few hints and tips…

The scrutineering that every car goes through after sign on is Safety Scrutineering. Eligibility is not of concern. Due to the large number of different championships and scrutineers its quite likely who ever looks over your car won’t have specific knowledge of the regulations for your car or championship, so unless there is something obviously wrong with the technical specification, eligibility issues will not be picked up at this stage. A car passing Safety Scrutineering can’t be assumed compliant with championship technical regulations.

Having your car scrutineered can be a stressful time, but fear not! A Safety Scrutineers job is NOT to prevent a car taking part in competition; they are just trying to ensure your vehicle is safe. Very often a competitors reaction to a scrutineer finding something at fault is one of either disbelief, or to go on the offensive, usually accompanied with the phrase “It must be ok it’s been like that for the last xx number of meetings/years”. So how does that situation come about? First off, given the very short amount of time available to check over a car it is impossible to check everything. Secondly being individuals different scrutineers tend to pick up on different items, this is actually a good thing as it means over a period of time many different points get checked. So what if that dreaded moment when a problem is pointed out arrives? First off, keep calm! It doesn’t automatically mean you won’t be issued a ticket, just ask what you need to do. A lot of the time the scrutineer will simply advise you to do something before the next meeting, don’t ignore such advise things could get difficult if you get the same scrutineer next time out. If the scrutineer is of the opinion that the defect absolutely needs correcting before he can issue pass ticket then you will be allowed time to do, this usually only applies to more serious issues such as defective cut out switches or seized pull cables. It is very rare you will get a point blank “Fail” that would have to be something very serious such as a non-compliant helmet or overalls or a dangerous defect in a mandatory section of roll cage.

We hope this information is helpful advice for the future.

Understanding the role of the Entry Secretary

We also thought it would be a great idea to get a bit more of an understanding about the role and behind the scenes of our Entry Secretary – Kelly Dann…

Before I became Entry Secretary for BARC SEC I would eagerly await the entry list, to see who Steve was up against or see which cars were coming out to play, I would often say, “Come on how comes there isn’t an entry list out yet, it’s only a list”. I can honestly say I had no idea what went on behind the scenes to organise everything so you guys, now including me, can go racing.

Towards the latter half of 2014 I expressed in interest in helping out at BARC SEC with any admin I could do that would help the club and I could fit in in the evenings, those of you that know me know that I have 2 children and work, I was invited to attend a committee meeting in November 2014. I was there no longer than half an hour before I realised that the people that were on the committee did an awful lot of work, none of it paid and all fitted around there usual day to day routines, work, families, children and having a life outside of BARC SEC and for the most part with no thanks . At that meeting that went on for nearly 4 hours, I was asked if I would like to take on the role of Entry Secretary, it would be something that for the most part I could fit in and around my usual day to day life. I accepted the challenge and between Rod and myself we came up with the new style Registration and Entry forms, in a bid to make life easier for the drivers, I retyped regulations, I did what I could to help. Every person on the BARC SEC committee has a different role to play, whether it be liaising with the MSA getting regulations approved, the clubs where we are invited to race, negotiating the track time and the fees we have to pay, organising trophies, making sure that everyone that should get a trophy does. It’s getting all the information put in the programmes for all the events we do, making sure all our drivers that are entered are listed, making sure as many of our drivers get the mentions they deserve, making sure we have up to date pictures for spotters guides, making sure we have enough cars on the grid. Making sure you all have access or are sent final instructions, briefing times, updating our facebook page, chasing you to renew your BARC SEC membership, liaising with drivers over forms, payments, general enquiries, answering questions. Trying to gain important sponsorship and arranging TV coverage. Attending committee meetings once a month, collating information and having reports ready.

I take my hat off to every person on our committee, we all work extremely hard, we don’t get paid and we don’t get a lot of thanks. So please I ask you to remember, we do what we do because we love what we do, even if it does take up most of our time, but we can be greatly assisted by you the drivers by entering before the ‘Closing date’, getting your entries in as early as you can, making sure all your forms are clear and readable and that you renew your BARC SEC Membership and you use the website and facebook pages for updates and information. We don’t get it very often, but a little thanks does go a long way.

Explaining the Entry Fees

One of the many questions the committee gets asked is how the entry costs are calculated. Therefore Howard Smith, the Chairman and Hon. Treasurer has devised a brief explanation and an example of the costs in order to help make things a little clearer……

These are the actual costs incurred and paid by the Centre at Brands Hatch over the weekend 26th to 28th March 2016.

Scrutineering Costs£345.001.95%
Officials Travel Costs and General Admin Costs£509.002.88%
Cost of Trophies£610.003.45%
Cost of Track Time£16200.0091.72%
Total Cost to Centr£17664.00100%

So as you can see the major cost to the Centre is the purchase of track time.

Racing at Other Circuits

Several drivers have asked about going to other circuits other than Brands Hatch. This is fine, but most other venues charge more money (such as Donington and Silverstone), plus we have to get staff there. This means we need to have our own clerk of the course, scrutineer, coordinator and assistant, which also costs the centre money as we pay travelling costs. We do try to find other venues, especially now that Lydden seems to be out of the equation. The Tin Tops and QMN will be going to Snetterton in early October, so we will see how well supported this will be. The Intermarque and Sevenesque have already had Silverstone (which had other issues) and Mallory Park (slightly disappointing support).


Following discussion with MSA officials regarding speed differentials with in the QMN championship, it has been decided on safety grounds that for the 2017 season all forced induction engines shall be limited to a maximum intake size of 50mm. It is likely that most large turbochargers will need to be fitted with an intake restrictor to comply.

By way of clarification. ALL air entering the engine must pass through an intake hole no bigger than 50mm, Turbocharges may be fitted with “anti surge” slots or holes, however air entering those must first pass through the 50mm intake restriction.

Also, just a reminder. All QMN drivers will need a National A licence for 2017. This means that anyone requiring signatures needs to get this sorted before the end of the racing season. Remember that one day marshaling gets you a signature as well.


So that’s a lot from the committee side of things, now onto the big event for you drivers to support and look forward to - The BARC SEC Awards Dinner Dance 2017. The date has already been announced – Saturday 21st January 2017. We can now confirm that the venue for this year’s event is going to be in Essex at the Marriott Waltham Abbey Hotel. This is a 4* hotel with indoor swimming pool, restaurant, bar and fantastic access with a 30 second drive from Junction 26 of the M25. This awards night is open to all - drivers, spectators, friends and family. Details about booking your tickets or discounted hotel rooms will be published on the website in due course, but in the meantime if you have any questions or queries, please contact the Social Secretary Susie Welland.

If there are any topics which you would like to see in our Autumn Edition of the BARC SEC Members Newsletter, please do let us know of your suggestions, as this is one of our communicating channels and we would like to write about subjects which you would be interested in.

Kind regards
BARC SEC Committee

Quaife Cannons TinTops Photo Gallery

Added: 3rd July 2016 at 18:55

Quaife Cannons TinTops Championship photo gallery from Brands Hatch (25th-26th June 2016) added. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

A New BARC SE Centre Rescue Unit

Added: 1st July 2016 at 21:05

The Committee is very pleased to announce that we have been able to formally hand over the new fully equipped Rescue Unit to Paul Butt and his colleagues. For more information and photos go to MARSHALS section.

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