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Dinner Dance.

Added: 24th December 2015

The dinner dance and awards night is only four weeks away. Lots of trophies and special awards. We have a guest celebrity who is a former BTCC champion and is often outspoken. Also a guest presenter, who has commentated on several of our races this year. The hotel offers fabulous facilities and is well worth the effort of joining our sponsors and fellow drivers. Please support the centre and have a great night out and weekend away from the post Christmas blues.

Licences Upgrade Advisory.

Added: 21st December 2015

It is highly likely that in 2017 some drivers will require a National A MSA licence, instead of a National B. This will probably effect drivers in classes A,B and possibly C of the Motorsport News saloons, and will be primarily based on power to weight ratios. This is just an advisory notice at this stage, but if you need to upgrade your licence during 2016 it may be prudent to do so.

Why no Lydden Hill in 2016?

Added: 21st December 2015

Some drivers have questioned why we are not going to Lydden in 2016. Unfortunately they have had to impose a 100 decibel maximum limit on all circuit activity, following a ruling from Dover District council.

Last three 2015 photo galleries added.

Added: 19th December 2015

Avon Intermarque Championship, Motorsport News saloons Championship and Prize Giving galleries from November meeting at Brands Hatch added. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

2016 Calendar Almost Ready.

Added: 12th December 2015

As we have a lot of questions regarding 2016 dates here is an update. We still are finalising 2016 race calendar but most of the dates appear to be settled now.

27th - 28th March, Brands Hatch (Truck Meeting) - Tin tops, MN saloons, Intermarque.
April/May, Venue TBA - Intermarque.
30th April - 1st May, Brands Hatch (MGCC Meeting)- Tin tops, MN saloons.
28th - 29th May, Mallory Park (BARC HQ Meeting) - Intermarque, Sevenesque.
30th May, Brands Hatch (Masters Meeting) Tin tops, MN saloons.
12th June, Brands Hatch (American SpeedFest) - Intermarque.
25th - 26th June, Brands Hatch (BARC HQ Meeting) - Tin tops, MN saloons.
August/September, Still to be confirmed.
1st - 2nd October, Snetterton 200 (MGCC Meeting) - Tin tops, MN saloons.
5th - 6th November, Brands Hatch (Truck Meeting) - Tin Tops, MN saloons, Intermarque.

Final calendar will be published on website and Facebook page immediately.

TinTops photo gallery added.

Added: 9th December 2015

Cannons TinTops Championship gallery from November meeting at Brands Hatch added. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

Alan Phillips Tribute Gallery.

Added: 8th December 2015

Here is a gallery with over 100 photos of Alan, which I took over last few years at BARC SEC meetings. To view the gallery please go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.
Rafal Biniszewski, BARC SEC photographer.

First of missing photo galleries added.

Added: 8th December 2015

Avon Intermarque Championship gallery from September meeting at Brands Hatch added. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

A reminder to all drivers.

Added: 4th December 2015

A reminder to all drivers, and in particular to the Intermarque, unless the regulations specifically say you CAN do something to your car or engine then assume you CANNOT. Questions have been raised about the regulations for next year, and where possible they remain the same. At present all three sets of regulations are with the MSA for their approval. In the case of the Intermarque only mechanical driven water pumps are allowed and no “flat shift” engine cut systems. The reason for this is that new sophisticated noise testing comes into force next year. A flat shift system on an engine using carburettors would only cut spark not fuel, the result of which will be unacceptable “anti-lag” type noises (back fires). These “pops/bangs” will be easily detected by the new noise monitoring on all tracks. If in doubt ask a couple of our Renault Clio drivers, who have already experienced being black flagged for this type of noise.

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