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Proposed 2015 Regulations Changes

Added: 26th February 2015

Although the MSA still have to approve the regulations for our three championships for 2015, the proposed/recommended changes are as follows:

Avon Tyres Intermarque. No changes proposed, except for clarification of just one winglet on each side adjacent to front bumper. A reminder that the “appearance of head, tail and indicator lamps MUST be defined by graphics.” Class I (invitation) has been dropped, and there is a new sponsor for the senior cup (Creative Construction Services).

Cannons Tin Tops, supported by Mark Fish Motorsport. Amalgamation of classes T1 and T2, with a maximum engine size of 2900cc multivalve and 3200cc dual valve. Forced induction maximum engine size 2020cc. The old T3 class will become T2, the old T4 class will become T3. Class TP will remain, but all classes will be subject to a clause regarding points awarded. If there is only one starter in any class, then half points only will be awarded. Slight change to weights in the new T3 class. Following a vote by drivers there will be two meetings (one at Lydden and one at Brands Hatch) where there will be three races instead of two. The total number of rounds will still be 16.

Motorsport News saloons. Multivalve cars between 3226 and 3600cc now go into class B. 3001 to 3225cc multivalve remain in class C. Boot floor must remain in welded steel construction. Revision of weights for forced induction cars (slight increase), and restrictor size.

For all three championships it is now the drivers responsibility to provide a hose with suitable coupling so that fuel samples can be taken safely from a point closest to the engine. Section D34 on page 85 of the MSA blue book has been changed significantly.

Please note that there MAY be other changes if the MSA decide it is necessary.

Annual General Meeting 2015

Added: 25th February 2015

Notice is hereby given that the BARC South Eastern Centre Annual General Meeting 2015 will be held on Thursday 26th March 2015 at 7.30pm in The Library Room, Castle Hotel, Eynsford, Kent. DA4 0AB

Agenda items and Nominations for Committee members. Members are invited to submit, in writing, items for inclusion on the agenda, together with any questions. Nominations for election to the Committee must be proposed and seconded by members of BARC SEC.
By order of the Committee

Agenda items and questions together with nominations for election of Committee members, must be received by the Hon. Secretary Mr Richard Smith, at the address below by Thursday 12th March 2015. Please note that members attending the AGM will be required to produce a valid BARC South Eastern Centre membership card and these cards will be checked.

Mr Richard Smith
Honorary Secretary
Richdan Farm
Tye Common Road
Essex, CM12 9SD

2015 Motorsport News Saloon Car Championship Registration Form

Added: 24th February 2015

2015 Motorsport News Saloon Car Championship Registration Form is available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

Sad news - we lost one of the longest serving members

Added: 22nd February 2015

One of the longest serving members of the south eastern centre sadly passed away this week. Reg Collins, who not only served on the committee, but was also a club steward and past winner of the Chairman’s trophy. Although Reg was in his nineties, he was very active up until a couple of year’s ago. He often attended the dinner dances and was very keen to help out the centre whenever he could. Our condolences go to his son Paul.

2015 Race Calendar Changes

Added: 18th February 2015

April 18/19 Snetterton and October 3rd Lydden Hill are now confirmed.

TinTops races on April 4th at Silverstone is deleted. TinTops will start in May. To replace deleted Silverstone races, the TinTops drivers have a choice, either they have three races at Lydden on June 20/21 and/or Brands Hatch on July 25/26 and/or August 29/30. The other alternative is we find another date. With any questions please contact drivers' representative Kieron Lehane or championship coordinator Amanda Bird.

2015 Cannons TinTops Championship Registration Form

Added: 18th February 2015

2015 Cannons TinTops Championship Registration Form is available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

2015 Intermarque Championship Registration Form

Added: 12th February 2015

2015 Avon Intermarque Championship Registration Form is available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

Championship Supporters for 2015

Added: 12th February 2015

Cannons Motor Spares and Mark Fish Motorsport have both confirmed their support for the Tin Tops championship this year.
Avon Tyres will now be the primary sponsor of the Intermarque championship. The senior cup will continue with a new sponsor.

Awards Night Photo Gallery

Added: 4th February 2015

BARC SEC Annual Awards Night photo gallery added to website. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

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