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Brands Hatch Time Table

Added: 31st August 2014

Time table for Brands Hatch 6-7 September 2014 added to DOWNLOADS section.

Donington Park Intermarque Photo Gallery

Added: 29th August 2014

Donington Park Quaife Intermarque photo gallery added to website. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

Important Notice For All Intermarque Drivers

Added: 29th August 2014

Following an incident at Donington Park all drivers are reminded of the MSA's requirement for front engined cars in the Blue Book as follows:
K12. With front engine cars a propeller shaft restraint should be fitted.
Either safety hooks or a rigidly fixed steel panel of not less than 18swg.

Brian Hopper,

Donington Park TV Program - In Car Footage Required

Added: 27th August 2014

We are on the search for the onboard camera footage from all the four BARC south east races at Donington. Attached is a copy of our guide of how to get the footage to us. We are on a tighter deadline with this program as it goes out on the 10th September so we need to receive the on-boards by no later than Monday 1st September please.

If anyone has any queries then they can contact us direct
Many thanks
Barry Welch

Digitex Television
Office: 01948 666871
Mobile: 07939 211641
Twitter: @DigitexTV

There are few simple ways to send the onboard videos. Please view this PDF document for step by step instructions.

Important Notice For QMN And TinTops Drivers

Added: 26th August 2014

Both the centre chairman (Chris Bird) and QMN co-ordinator (Amanda Bird) met with the QMN drivers representative Steve Rothery on Sunday. They discussed the cancellation of the second QMN/Tin top championship race following the accident in the preceding Lotus race, and the subsequent email which was sent to all the QMN drivers.

The decision to cancel the race was NOT the responsibility of one individual. There was a discussion between various committee members and the officials from MSVR, as previously stated on this website. MSVR were unwilling for this discussion to go on and include the drivers, so the clerk of the course was left with no alternative but to cancel. In view of the disappointment to drivers and teams the centre hastily arranged for an alternative race and partial refund. Priority is going to the drivers who were in the collecting area on Sunday 17th, and they should all have received the new entry form by now. If not please contact Chris Bird.

Regards Amanda Bird
QMN Co-ordinator

Sevenesque and Intermarque Race Report from Donington

Added: 26th August 2014

By Rod Birley

The sevenesque sports car series opened proceedings on Saturday, and they were joined by some of the drivers from the Armed Forces challenge. The first race had challenging conditions as a shower of rain passed through during the event read more...

Updated Intermarque Championship Standings

Added: 24th August 2014

Updated Intermarque Championship Standings after 12 races available in STANDINGS section.

Donington Race Results

Added: 24th August 2014

Sevenesque Sports Car Series and Quaife Intermarque Championship race results from Donington added to RESULTS section.

QMN and TinTops Gallery from Brands Hatch GP

Added: 24th August 2014

Brands Hatch GP 16 August 2014 QMN Saloons and Cannons TinTops photo gallery added to website. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

Further Clarification About QMN and TinTops Championship Rounds

Added: 22nd August 2014

Following consultation with the MSA, where the centre was reminded that running additional championship race requires the approval of every registered driver in both QMN and Tin Tops, it soon became obvious that this would not be achieved, mainly due to drivers having booked holidays. It was therefore decided to run the race on September 7th as a non-championship race, and invoke regulation 1.6.2.

Davies Unstoppable Again at Brands Hatch

Added: 21st August 2014

TinTops race report by Chris Bassett

T2 driver Barnaby Davies in his Toyota Starlet was again unstoppable at the annual Brands hatch GP event after a flawless drive which also saw him mixing high up the order with the QMN cars. Davies, starting first out of the tin top drivers read more...

Donington Entry Lists and Updated Time Table

Added: 21st August 2014

Quaife Intermarque Championship entry list, Sevenesque Sports Car Series entry list and updated time table for Donington 23-24 August 2014 added to DOWNLOADS section.

Important Notice Regarding Cancelled Brands Hatch GP Race - UPDATE

Added: 19th August 2014

The centre regrets that the second QMN / TinTops race was cancelled on Sunday, but the organising club (MSVR) was under extreme pressure following a very serious accident on the section between Hawthorns and Dingle Dell. The decision was reached between the centre chairman, who was also our race clerk, and the senior clerk plus the secretary of the meeting. A Lotus race was also cancelled, and they were the main event of the meeting.

The BARC south eastern centre has decided to make a partial refund of £150 to all QMN / TinTops drivers who competed at the weekend. This is more than half the cost of the original entry fee. All drivers concerned will receive the refund and will not be allowed a transfer to another event. In addition those drivers who had their cars in the assembly area on Sunday afternoon (in other words had not withdrawn) will be offered a free race on Sunday September 7th at Brands Hatch. This will be a non-championship trophy race, the title of which will be announced soon.

In accordance with both the MSA and our own regulations, there will now be 15 championship rounds for both QMN and the Cannons TinTops, with a drivers best 14 scores to count.

Chris Bird
BARC South East Centre


Howard Smith will contact all concerned drivers as to how the payment of the refund will be made to them. Therefore any queries must referred to Howard.

Radio Broadcast and Video Clip from Brands Hatch GP

Added: 19th August 2014

Radio broadcast from Saturday QMN and TinTops race is available under THIS LINK

To watch video clip from Saturday - courtesy of Gary French - CLICK HERE

Updated QMN and TinTops Standings

Added: 18th August 2014

To view QMN Saloons and TinTops points tables after Brands Hatch GP meeting go to STANDINGS section.

Brands Hatch GP Race Results

Added: 18th August 2014

Race Results from Brands Hatch GP 16-17 August 2014 added to RESULTS section.

Donington Time Table

Added: 15th August 2014

Time Table for Donington 23-24 August 2014 added to DOWNLOADS section.

Important Information for QMN and TinTops Drivers

Added: 8th August 2014

An invitation allcomers class has been added to the Sevenesque races at Donington on Saturday August 23rd. Any QMN and Cannons TinTops cars are eligible to compete and the entry is available to download here or from DOWNLOADS section. This is a rare opportunity to compete at Donington.

Brands Hatch GP Paddock Plan

Added: 8th August 2014

Paddock Plan for Brands Hatch GP 16-17 August 2014 added to DOWNLOADS section.

Important Quaife Intermarque Championship Notice

Added: 7th August 2014

Following discussions at the latest south east centre committee meeting, along with two Quaife Intermarque drivers, it has been decided that there will be no major changes to the main technical regulations with regards to engines, gearboxes and axles (excluding any safety changes required by the MSA) for two years (2015 and 2016). This will be subject to Avon tyres extending their current tyre supply contract beyond the end of 2015.

Brands Hatch GP Entry List

Added: 7th August 2014

Entry List for Brands Hatch GP 16-17 August 2014 added to DOWNLOADS section.

One lap with...

Added: 5th August 2014

...Matt Simpson, Vauxhall Tigra driver in Quaife Intermarque Championship read more...

Brands Hatch GP Final Instructions

Added: 4th August 2014

Final Instructions for Brands Hatch GP 16-17 August 2014 added to DOWNLOADS section.

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