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QMN Saloons Gallery from Lydden

Added: 30th June 2014

QMN Saloons Races photo gallery added to website. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

BARC SEC races at Snetterton

Added: 28th June 2014

The current format for Snetterton is Quaife Intermarque on Saturday 12th. QMN and Tin Tops on Sunday 13th.

Scrutineer's Notice for Intermarque Drivers

Added: 28th June 2014

Quaife Intermarque drivers are reminded of the requirement to have methods of securing both the drivers and passenger side doors. So that they can be opened both from the inside and outside. Bonnet clips etc are not suitable for use on the passenger doors, especially as you may need to exit the car from that side in an emergency and with marshals not immediately on the scene.

This was publicised over the winter and the Scrutineers have given plenty of time for compliance.

As of Snetterton the Scrutineers will be instructed not to pass any car that does not have both doors capable of being opened from the inside or with unclear or unmarked methods of opening doors (MSA Blue Book Q19.2.5 (b)).

Furthermore, all ventilation slots, raised bonnets etc must have fluid inhibiting mesh fitted to prevent the loss of fluid. Especially as this applies where there is a gap at the bottom of the windscreen where the bulkhead does not directly connect to the screen.

Brian Hopper (Championship Scrutineer)

TinTops and Intermarque Galleries from Lydden

Added: 27th June 2014

2 photo galleries from Lydden Hill - Cannons TinTops Races and Quaife Intermarque Races - added to website. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

TinTops in Snetterton - Important Message

Added: 26th June 2014

Message for Tin Top drivers. Your races at Snetterton are scheduled for Sunday 13th July. If you can muster 20 entries, then you will have your own races separate from QMN. Currently 14 have entered.

Sevenesque Photo Gallery from Lydden

Added: 26th June 2014

Sevenesque Sports Car Series Races photo gallery from 21st June at Lydden Hill added. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

One lap with...

Added: 25th June 2014

...Tristam Barden, Rover Mini driver in Quaife Intermarque Championship, Invitation Class read more...

Brands Hatch Suite for 26/27th July

Added: 25th June 2014

The BRSCC have advised me that they still have a hospitality suite available for our meeting at Brands Hatch on 26th – 27th July. Exclusive use of the suite comes with 28 tickets for each day and the BRSCC are open to reasonable offers! This is the weekend when the “Sevenesque” series has three races.

The suite is fully equipped, including a 42” plasma TV, and offers great views of the Indy circuit. Guests using the suite also have access to the hospitality car park immediately adjacent to the suite. Anyone interested should contact Dominic at BRSCC on 01732 783141 or email

Meeting report from Lydden Hill June 21/22

Added: 24th June 2014

By Shawn Herrington

The third annual Lydden Hill truck festival again provided some brilliant circuit racing. Saturday started with the Cannons Tin Tops and Chris Whiteman soon stamped his authority on read more...

DVD with Lydden Hill Races

Added: 24th June 2014

BKVP sport have produced a DVD of the circuit racing at Lydden Hill from June 21/22. The cost is £15 which includes postage. Contact Bob Keen either by email: or telephone 01303 264050.

Important Notice for Cannons TinTops Drivers

Added: 24th June 2014

Dominic Ryan is unable to continue as your drivers representative and has stepped down following the Lydden meeting. it is solely due to his work commitments. So far there is one nomination for his replacement and that is Kieron Lehane. If any body else wishes to be nominated please contact Ken Angell before the end of this week. If required a vote will be taken at Snetterton next month.

Championship Standings after Lydden Hill Meeting

Added: 24th June 2014

All championship points have been updated. To view current tables go to STANDINGS section.

Lydden Hill Truck Festival Race Results

Added: 23rd June 2014

All races results from Lydden Hill available to download from RESULTS section.

Tickets for Lydden Hill

Added: 18th June 2014

All tickets for Lydden Hill meeting have now been posted.

Lydden Hill live broadcast by Down Force Radio.

Added: 17th June 2014

Down Force Radio will be broadcasting live from the event on Saturday 21st June and Sunday 22nd June. Use the player below to turn on radio.

Important Information - Lydden Hill Passes and Paddock Rules

Added: 17th June 2014

In view of the Brands Hatch incident you will be required to wear wristbands at all times during the Lydden Hill meeting this weekend. These have now been posted FIRST CLASS to everyone who is booked in to race.

Space in the paddock will be at a premium this weekend. NO private cars will be allowed below the welcome hut. Teams must make sure that all their equipment is with their tow vehicle. When you arrive at the circuit please proceed to the welcome hut, where you will be directed to your parking space. Do not ignore the instructions you are given, as you will be asked to move if you are in the wrong area.

Please check the parking plan. It would assist if QMN teams did not try to access the lower paddock until the racing on Saturday has finished. You can watch the races from the top of the hill, if you arrive early. The paddock will not be open until 4PM on Friday. Teams arriving after 11PM will not be able to park in their allocated area until the following morning.

Important Information - Lydden Hill Meeting

Added: 17th June 2014

The results for this Saturday and Sunday will be online at:
There will also be livetiming for the event on
Down Force radio will be broadcasting live from the event on both days.

Please note there is now a fee at Lydden for using their electric hook ups. Be aware that if you bring your own generator there are strict limitations on when you can use it.

Important Information - Lydden Hill Passes

Added: 14th June 2014

Due to a technical issue we have not received the passes for Lydden yet. As soon as they arrive we will post them out first class. A further update will be shown here.

Lydden Hill Truck Festival - Entry Lists

Added: 14th June 2014

QMN Saloons, Cannons TinTops, Quaife Intermarque and Sevenesque Sports Car Entry Lists for Lydden Hill Truck Festival 21st-22nd June added to DOWNLOADS section.

Lydden Hill Truck Festival - Documents

Added: 12th June 2014

Time Table and Final Instructions for Lydden Hill Truck Festival 21st-22nd June available to download from DOWNLOADS section.

American SpeedFest II - Intermarque Photo Gallery

Added: 11th June 2014

Huge (over 240 photos) Quaife Intermarque photo gallery from 8th June at Brands Hatch added. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

One lap with...

Added: 10th June 2014

...Andrew Gibbons, Ford Fiesta driver in QMN Saloons Championship read more...

Important Notice for ALL Drivers!

Added: 9th June 2014

All drivers please note that it is compulsory to attend a scheduled drivers briefing. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to £170 see pages 106 and 392 of the MSA blue book.

Competitors are advised to have greater understanding of the MSA's judicial procedures.

With regard to protests and appeals these are detailed in the Blue Book in Section C on pages 71 and 72, with the appropriate fees listed on page 392.

Please especially note C5.3.5.

Post qualifying or post race inspections can only take place where competing cars have been wholly under parc ferme regulations. We only allow the driver and one mechanic per car into the designated area. Neither can touch the car until allowed or requested to do so.

For the Quaife Intermarque drivers please note that data logging is forbidden in your championship technical regulations. See regulation 5 (10).

For the purposes of avoiding any misunderstandings we require that any equipment with datalogging capability - whether separate units or part of integral electronic dashes etc MUST be removed from cars prior to Lydden on June 21st.

Fuel samples have been taken from various cars in all three of our championships.

All have been delivered to the MSA (in two separate batches) to be taken for analysis at one of their independent laboratories and the results are awaited.

This is part of an ongoing fuel testing regime, where we have funding from the MSA to carry out further testing.

Finally, Quaife Intermarque drivers are reminded that no car can be tested at any circuit where there is to be a race within the next 28 days.

A random selection of drivers were breath tested at Brands Hatch yesterday, in accordance with our regulations. All passed OK. This is a procedure which will be repeated at other events.

Race Report, Brands Hatch 8th June 2014

Added: 9th June 2014

By Rod Birley

The American Speedfest 2 formed the backdrop for the latest two championship rounds. Glorious sunshine greeted the large crowd that turned up for this well promoted meeting. Qualifying saw Matt Simpson set the benchmark from championship leader read more...

Quaife Intermarque Championship and Champion of Kent Standings

Added: 9th June 2014

To view updated 2014 Quaife Intermarque Championship standings after 6 races and 2014 Champion of Kent standings (after 2 of 4 races) go to STANDINGS section.

Quaife Intermarque - Brands Race Results

Added: 8th June 2014

Today's Quaife Intermarque Championship race results from Brands Hatch added to RESULTS section.

American SpeedFest II - Parking Map

Added: 4th June 2014

Parking Map for Brands Hatch American SpeedFest II, 7th-8th June 2014 added to our DOWNLOADS section. Please also check updated Time Table and other documents.

One more QMN Saloons and Cannons TinTops Photo Gallery

Added: 3rd June 2014

QMN Saloons and Cannons TinTops race 2 and prize giving photo gallery from 26th May at Brands Hatch added. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

One lap with...

Added: 2nd June 2014

...Chris Bassett, Peugeot 205 GTI driver in Cannons TinTops Championship read more...

American SpeedFest II - Intermarque Entry List

Added: 2nd June 2014

Quaife Intermarque Entry List for Brands Hatch American SpeedFest II, 7th-8th June 2014 added to our DOWNLOADS section.

QMN Saloons and Cannons TinTops Photo Gallery

Added: 1st June 2014

QMN Saloons and Cannons TinTops qualifying and race 1 photo gallery from 26th May at Brands Hatch added. To view go to PHOTOS section or click on thumbnail on right column.

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