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One lap with...

Added: 25th December 2013

... 8 reindeer powered sleigh driver... Father Christmas!!

Intermarque roll cages important notice

Added: 23rd December 2013

Quaife Intermarque: Following extensive discussions with the MSA, the matter of roll cages is reaching an amicable conclusion. Basically manufacturers such as Ludlow and Autocross have MSA approved certificates to confirm their roll cages are legal. The MSA are looking at supplying a generic certificate to cover all class HR silhouette intermarque cars. Remember that you must have two door bars on each side, in accordance with either drawing K (g) or h in the MSA blue book. The roll cage drawings refers to door bars only.

One lap with...

Added: 16th December 2013

... Richard Smith, Vauxhall Tigra driver in Quaife Intermarque Championship read more...

Important Notice - Intermarque Tyres allocation

Added: 15th December 2013

After careful consideration the allocation of Avon slick tyres for the 2014 Intermarque championship will stay at 14. However, for a drivers first event, he/she will be allowed six instead of five tyres. Then during the course of the 2014 season the only meeting where the allocation for new tyres will be two (instead of one) will be at Lydden Hill.

2014 Provisional Dates

Added: 10th December 2013

Provisional 2014 race calendar added. To viev go to calendar section.

Front engined open sports car races in 2014

Added: 7th December 2013

BARC south east, in conjunction with BARC HQ, will be running some front engined open sports car races in 2014. These races will cater mainly for Tiger, Westfield and Caterham sports cars. The format will be similar to our usual championship races and hopefully the meetings will all take place on one day.

Further details are available from Ian Conibear - email:

One lap with...

Added: 6th December 2013

... Stephen Booth, Ford Sierra RS Cosworth driver in Quaife Motorsport News Saloons Championship read more...

Intermarque roll cages

Added: 5th December 2013

Intermarque drivers: Please be aware that the centre is in discussion with the MSA technical department about roll cage structures. We should have some positive news very soon on this matter.

Important Notice - Tin Tops tyres for 2014

Added: 4th December 2013

After careful consideration the BARC south east centre committee have looked at the various tyre options for the Tin Tops championship in 2014. It has been decided to remain with the 2013 tyre regulations and continue the evaluation process. This means that for both dry and wet weather conditions, drivers can only use tyres listed in 1A and 1B of the MSA blue book 2014. We may still have an announcement with regard to current regulation 1.7.4, but in the mean time we are now seeking a new overall sponsor to replace Cannons motor spares.

Important technical regulations update regarding doors

Added: 1st December 2013

The notice below particularly applies to Quaife intermarque cars. Changes / added content marked in red.

Please put MSA regulation Q19.2.5 If a closed car have:
(a) Effective means of ventilating the passenger compartment.
(b) Means of access on either side of the passenger compartment operable from the inside and the outside and sufficient in size to remove the occupant without impedance by door locking devices.

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