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Three ways to race with BARC South Eastern Centre.

The South Eastern Centre offers drivers a good cross-section of racing opportunities, providing close competition at a selection of tracks. At the same time, we pride ourselves on promoting and maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the paddock.

Our flagship event is the BARC SEC Modified Saloon Car Championship.

Quaife Modified Saloons Saloons This is open to a wide variety of cars which range downwards from some of the fastest saloons seen in national racing. The regulations are designed to prevent anyone enjoying a runaway advantage, and drivers in all the classes have an equal opportunity to become overall champion. The 2018 Modified Saloon Car Championship will be contested over 16 races on 9 race weekends, including some prestigious meetings at Brands Hatch, such as the Spring Truck Meeting, American SpeedFest, plus a race on the Grand Prix circuit.

Drivers can count their best 15 results towards the season's points total. The same system applies to our other two championships.

The BARC SECTin Top Championship

Quaife Cannons TinTops This championship is for saloons much closer to roadgoing specification than their MN Saloons cousins – a good way to hold down the cost of taking part. The Tin Tops are attracting good support and make a habit of producing a down-to-the-wire contest to find the top driver. All the cars have to use road legal treaded tyres from section 1A, 1B and 1C in the MSA blue book, and a new class has been added for near standard vehicles up to 2 litres.

The Scrapco / Avon Tyres Intermarque Championship is very different.

Scrapco Avon Intemarque It caters for spaceframe silhouette saloon cars. The pace setters have a passing resemblance to vehicles like the BMW Z4, Mercedes SLK, Peugeot 206 and Vauxhall Tigra. A new initiative will be the BTCC type grid draw for the second race at each meeting. First race finishers from sixth to tenth place will go into a hat for a public draw, to see who gets pole position in the next race.

Added support for 2017 comes from Avon Tyres, who will be supplying discounted tyres and offering other incentives throughout the 8 meeting season. Also Scrapco Metal Recycling will be sponsoring this year’s senior cup for drivers aged 55 years and over.

Sevenesque Sports Car Series.

Open Sports Car Although the centre is not running this series in 2018, if there is sufficient interest it may be revisited in the future.

What you need to do to race with us:

1. Have an MSA competition race licence (minimum level national B) with appropriate medical: From £60.
2. Join BARC south eastern centre as an ordinary member. The price for this is £55 (£40 BARC ordinary member + £15 for South East Centre = £55 in total for 12 calendar months). CLICK HERE for BARC Membership Form.
3. Register for the chosen championship. The price for this is £60. See "downloads" section.
4. Once you have registered and you are accepted, you will be able to enter our races. The price for this starts at £300. See "downloads" section.

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Last Race Results

Modified Saloon Car:

1. Rod Birley
2. Steve Rothery
3. Malcolm Wise
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1. Kamran Tunio
2. Kevin Palmer
3. Steve Everson
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1. Steve Burrows
2. CHris Brockhurst
3. Lewis Smith
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2018 Championship Winners (Provisional):

BARC SEC Modified Saloon Car:

Adrian Bradley
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Rikki Taylor
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Scrapco / Avon Intermarque:

Lewis Smith
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